Residents and businesses have access to safe and reliable transportation choices to move people and goods efficiently and comfortably throughout our community.


To improve Northeast Florida’s economy, environment and quality of life by providing safe, reliable, and efficient multimodal transportation services and facilities.


Customer Service – Provide a superior and reliable customer experience.
Efficiency and Effectiveness – Deliver effective multimodal transportation services and facilities in an efficient manner.
Employee Development – Provide professional development opportunities that enhance knowledge, skills and leadership abilities.
Financial Sustainability – Provide for long-term financial stability.
Mobility – Deliver accessible transportation choices while providing mobility throughout the community.
Safety and Security – Ensure safety and security throughout the transportation system and in the Authority work environment.


The Jacksonville Transportation Authority exists to sole serve its customers and the community. We are a market-driven and results-focused organization striving to achieve the highest degree of professional excellence. JTA employees commit personal integrity, fiscal responsibility, accountability for their work, a safe work environment, transparency to the public and continuous improvement. While our results derive from exceptional individual efforts, we succeed as a team. We treat each other and our customers with dignity and respect, recognizing and valuing everybody's unique qualities.

In 1955, the Jacksonville Expressway Authority was founded to build bridges and expressways in Duval County funded by toll revenues. A merger in 1971 of the original Expressway Authority and several private bus companies paved the way for the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) as it is known today.

Working closely with the Florida Department of Transportation and the City of Jacksonville, JTA develops and implements construction plans to improve traffic flow in our city. Funded by a half-cent sales tax approved in 1988 as a result of the elimination of tolls, JTA manages construction projects on state- and city-owned roadways. Those projects, however, are not maintained by JTA.

Jacksonville voters approved an additional half-cent sales tax in September 2000 to fund The Better Jacksonville Plan—a $2.2 billion infrastructure and quality-of-life improvement initiative. JTA is playing a significant role in the implementation of this massive plan with 32 roadway projects totaling more than $800 million. The projects include 12 interchange improvements, roadway widening projects, construction of one major bridge and the design of another.

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority provides high quality regional transit services and roadway infrastructure connecting Northeast Florida.