Northeast Florida Mobility Coalition

The Northeast Florida Mobility Coalition is a regional cooperative partnership formed to enhance access to transportation for all persons throughout Northeast Florida.


The Northeast Florida Coordinated Mobility Plan is the guide to enhanced transportation access through improved coordination of transportation information, services and resources in Northeast Florida. The Plan was developed by members of the general public, transportation providers, social service agencies, and elected officials who identified gaps and redundancies in transportation services and have initiated coordination methods to provide cost effective and efficient services in the Northeast Florida region.

The Plan includes the following strategic goals: ? Coordinate seamless transportation across jurisdictional boundaries and/or between services

  • Utilize collective purchasing power and shared resources to reduce the cost of providing mobility services
  • Enhance transportation service availability and accessibility
  • Develop a marketing plan to educate and inform the community of all available and evolving mobility options in the region


  • Jacksonville Urbanized Area Map
  • Jacksonville Urbanized Area Transportation Funding Opportunities

If you would like to be a part of developing transportation solutions in Northeast Florida by joining the Northeast Florida Mobility Coalition, please send an email to Liz Peak at or call her at (904) 633-8535.